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Will social be the game changer that surprises us all?

As sociological trends have increasingly risen up the shipping industry agenda, the LISW21 Conference takes an in-depth look at the ‘Social’ aspects of ESG.

Moderating the panel will be Steve Davies, Chief Executive Officer of Anglo International. Bringing together experts from the fields of people, trade, finance and innovation, he will be leading a discussion on how shipping can drive positive social change in a sustainable way while continuing to meet all the other demands placed on the industry. Shipping needs to not simply drive growth, but drive the right ty[e of growth.

“The scope of Environmental and Governance objectives are, for the large part, already determined; focus in these areas has turned to how to get there. Whilst that in itself is no simple feat, compare it to the Social aspects of the ESG mix, where industry and stakeholders face not only a multi-faceted set of issues, but issues that are constantly evolving; that create juxtapositions; that are often misunderstood; and that should be seen not only as challenges to be resolved, but as triumphs to be preserved.”

COVID 19 has been a tremendous test for the entire world but the international shipping industry has arguably suffered more than many other sectors. The burdens placed on seafarers have been immense as they have struggled to maintain global trade while themselves having to deal with the mental and physical challenges of crew change difficulties. However, as a result, COVID has lifted the profile of ESG to a new level because of the additional disruption it has applied to political, economic and social drivers.

The social panel at LISW will look at the health and well-being issues that have come to the fore over the past 12-18 months in respect of the people that keep the industry moving, but it will also broaden the debate on social issues and opportunities to look at shipping’s contribution to, and impacts on, global inequality, global poverty, globalisation trends and promoting peace & justice.

“Social is currently stepping up its prevalence in the ESG mix and will play a major role as we shape growth and recovery. Our industry is far reaching, and the fantastically diverse panel will explore how shipping can be shaped as an increasingly important driver of positive social change in the markets ahead. If social values are seeing a significant disruption, we should seize the opportunity and drive growth accordingly because resistance is not only futile, it’s arguably immoral,” he added.

Panellists taking part in the discussion are: Sabrina Chao, President, BIMCO; Stephen Cotton, General Secretary, International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF); Cecilia Harvey, Global ED&I Lead, Royal HaskoningDHV; Peter Holbrook CBE, Chief Executive, Social Enterprise UK; Guy Platten, Secretary-General, International Chamber of Shipping (ICS); and Yee Yang Chien, President, MISC.

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