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LISW19 Sponsors
Gibraltar Port Authority
Gibraltar, recognised as a Maritime Centre of Excellence, with its unique location at the crossroads of Mediterranean and Atlantic shipping lanes, offers a vital link between all shipping stakeholders in order to deliver the best possible service to visiting ships, in a safe and ef cient operating environment.
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Often working in sensitive, complex circumstances, we assist our clients by investigating problems, such as: cargo theft, losses, damage, suspected fraud, suspicious events and piracy.
We uncover information,  nd evidence, interpret data and resolve anomalies; as well as undertaking in-depth due- diligence, research studies and risk analysis.
Inchcape Shipping Services
Global trade has always depended on the port and since 1847 Inchcape has provided the local knowledge and means to deliver port calls that enable business to ship smoothly and trade successfully.
Port by port and ship by ship, we provide full port agency services through our unique network and selected partners.
With a heritage reaching back 150 years, Ince is a dynamic international law  rm, which services our global client base from of ces across Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
Our preeminent international Shipping Group has the ability and expertise to service client needs across time zones.
Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass)
Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass) is an international ship classi cation society providing ship classi cation and certi cation as well as technical inspection services.
IRClass is a Member of the International Association of Classi cation Societies (IACS). Covering a wide range of shipping, offshore and industrial projects, our team of dedicated professionals brings international standardisation and assurance to your doorstep.
New York Maritime (NYMAR)
NYMAR is a member-based association, consisting of over 200 members including maritime professionals and corporations in the greater metropolitan New York area.
Our goal is to promote the bene ts of the region as a maritime business centre in order to attract more businesses to share in the opportunities available.
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