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With over 150 years of experience in the maritime industry, RINA is a multinational company that helps shipping industry build strong successful businesses.
Through a network of 170 of ces in 65 countries, we provide classi cation and technical advisory services to meet the challenges of designing and building ships ever more demanding in performance, safety and cutting-edge technology.
The Standard Club UK
The Standard Club is an International Group mutual insurance association covering shipowners, operators and charterers.
For over 100 years, the club has provided quality service to members, and still sets great store in responsiveness and support, especially in times of crisis. It now insures about 10% of the world  eet.
Voyonic Crewing Limited
Voyonic Crewing Limited helps you to attract and retain the best people for your company and manage resources effectively in the fast moving world of global marine employment.
Spinnaker Global
The world’s leading shipping employers work in partnership with Spinnaker Global to recruit their staff and executives. They depend upon Spinnaker for talent management support and reliable salary & reward data. 20 years in the industry. 40 staff in the UK and Singapore. Success in 60 countries.
Recruitment. Executive Search. HR Consulting. Secretariat of the Maritime HR Association and the Seafarer Employers’ Association.
As the leading global provider of maritime support services, V.Group is driving the transformation of our industry. Operating around the clock and around the world, V.Group gives every client the quality, ef ciency and performance they need. Covering crew management and recruitment, quality ship management and technical services, together with supporting management and commercial services, V.Group’s industry knowledge is unrivalled.
Watson Farley & Williams
Watson Farley & Williams is the world’s pre-eminent law  rm in the maritime sector, with over 35 years’ experience providing premium legal services to the maritime industry.
Our team is the largest dedicated maritime practice of any law  rm in the world, with almost 200 lawyers and 60 partners within our wider Maritime Sector Group.
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