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Bob Sanguinetti
Chief Executive Of cer, UK Chamber of Shipping
UK Chamber of Shipping
As the voice of UK shipping, the UK Chamber of Shipping, representing over 190 companies, about 1,000 ships and over 90,000 seafarers, is delighted to play a leading part in the premier maritime event of 2019.
Engaging with the world’s leading shipping executives during this exciting week, the UK Chamber will also be hosting a number of events, bringing the experts together to discuss wide ranging issues from automation and decarbonisation to offshore energy, renewables and trade deals. We will also be launching our Safety Culture Charter to support our shipowner and operating members in making a commitment to promote and adopt a positive safety culture within their organisations.
With respect to Brexit, the shipping sector has
been collaborating closely with the government, the ports and the wider industry. We’ve worked hard to mitigate the potential impact that Brexit, and no-deal in particular, will have on trade. Ours is an innately agile and adaptable sector, and we will continue to adjust
to the needs and wants of businesses and consumers. Most importantly, we will continue to work with our international partners to minimise any potential disruption and to capitalise on any and all opportunities post Brexit. l
“The UK Chamber of Shipping is delighted to play a leading part in the premier maritime event of 2019
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