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Richard Ballantyne
Chief Executive, British Ports Association and Tim Morris, Chief Executive, UK Major Ports Group
British Ports Association
With 95% of the UK’s global trade handled by its ports we are the UK’s largest gateways with the world. We are delighted to be part of London International Shipping Week 2019.
The British ports industry, the second largest ports sector in Europe, is highly competitive, responsive and resilient. It is  nancially and strategical independent of government and commercially funded, with more than half a billion pounds of investment annually and £2bn of projects in the pipeline with more planned for the future. We are excited about future opportunities, con dent in our ability to respond to the challenges of change.
UK ports have an excellent track record of working with customers to develop new infrastructure and
port facilities to serve a range of markets. There are 130 cargo handling port facilities around the UK which handle almost 500m tonnes of freight each year. As well as the traditional cargo handling role, the UK’s ports are increasingly focused on growing the value they
can offer customers and tenants, as well as activities beyond cargo such as providing vital facilities for the offshore energy and marine tourism sectors.
These ports can also offer rich development opportunities, collectively with over 1,000 hectares
of development land. They provide ideal locations for port-centric business models, whether they be logistics or manufacturing-focused. And, as a sector, there is a long-standing commitment to innovation, with many ports investing in advanced technology to support the supply chain needs of customers.
In summary, UK ports are focused on adding value to the businesses of their customers. They are partners in national and international freight and logistics networks; they facilitate industrial development and provide land for business expansion; they are at the cutting edge of technological innovation; and they have a  exible, highly skilled workforce. All of this means that UK ports are great places to do business and offer their customers a wide range of competitive choices.
We look forward to meeting you at LISW19. l
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