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What will the ship managers of the future look like? The subject was tackled during a seminar held by Columbia Shipmanagement, whose Chief Executive, Mark O’Neil, said: “The term ‘third party ship manager’ is an anachronism. We must look at modularity and  exibility. We have to optimise – we have to be relevant and compelling.” Too many ship managers have ‘commoditised’ the service they put out, expecting clients to ‘swallow’ what they offer, he said. But ship managers need
to recognise changing needs and expectations and respond to the massively changing face of shipping. There would, said Mr O’Neil,
be more and more vertical structures due to the inevitable march of consolidation. He urged all involved to ‘de-romanticise’ shipping and instead acknowledge it as a piece of the logistics chain that is ‘no more
sexy’ than railways or haulage. Shipping needed to be seen as part of an ef cient framework.
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