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The UK Chamber of Shipping, with the support of its members, has developed a ‘Safety Culture Charter’ to promote and adopt a positive safety culture within its member organisations. This was launched on board NLV Pharos during LISW19. Leading from the top down, the aim of the Charter is to reduce the number of accidents and incidents at sea. It is a demonstrable step towards making improvements in safety and driving continuous improvement of safety culture across the industry. This is the  rst time the UK shipping industry has addressed safety culture in a collaborative manner and the UK Chamber of Shipping will capitalise on this by forging a new way of thinking for its companies and seafarers to promote and improve safety culture. Shipping companies are already addressing their safety cultures and working with their employees to improve it, but this approach allows a collaborative way of working where shipowners share lessons learned and the barriers faced in the pursuit of making shipping safer.
LISW19 Post-event Report

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