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LISW19 Post-event Report
Cyber threats, revolutionising the supply chain and the carriage of legalised cannabis were the topics tackled in Hill Dickinson’s LISW19 shipping seminar. The role of blockchains in the transportation of cannabis, and the regulatory environment for cannabis, were explored
by Raja Sharif of LinkedLeaf, who said: “There are lots of different theories as to why people are afraid of cannabis, which is so regulated and demonised. There is an issue of lack of understanding – in many cases the reality is that marijuana isn’t as harmful as many other types of products. The issue is more of a political one.” Sharif said the commercial aspects
in terms of legalisation are ‘quite compelling’. “Most people want it to
be legal mainly because of the quality of the product. So, if we can make it easier, and there are countries that have done this, it should work.” Blockchain could solve the cannabis regulatory challenge, he argued. “Essentially you need to know who had the product, how long for, what did they do with it and what did they do next. A blockchain once written can’t be changed and that removes disputes. It provides real-time time holistic product data at a global level. It provides permanent records for regulators to access and it can’t be dressed up for compliance or altered.
Blockchain is incredibly secure and most important is you can have full provenance of your product and where it has been.” LinkedLeaf has developed a blockchain solution that can track cannabis from seed to sale, Sharif said: “Essentially the most important thing is the data you are collecting, how you analyse the data and the way that you use it.”

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