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The UK Government has focused considerable attention in recent months on the potential for future trade agreements to stimulate economic growth. The UK Chamber of Shipping used an event to question the value of trade agreements to the UK maritime economy. It began with an entertaining trade game which served the purpose of highlighting the principles of international trade and stimulating ideas among participants about the subject matter. The team representing Brazil were victorious. Dr Ruosi Zhang of the WTO Trade in Services division provided a history of trade agreements. Dr Zhang critically analysed the success of including maritime in such trade agreements, concluding that trade agreements can offer bene ts to economies
when interests are aligned, but due to nationalist tendencies associated with shipping and the fragmented international structure, such
trade agreement bene ts may be limited. Her presentation was then considered by a panel including representatives from the Bank of England and Bibby Financial Services. The Chamber will continue to work with the Government to develop trade agreements between
the UK and other countries that can provide tangible and sustainable bene t to the UK shipping industry.
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