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Speaking to a packed house at Hill Dickinson’s Commodities Seminar: International Trade in a Changing World, Dr Martin Stopford, President of Clarkson Research, shared his views on how international trade will deal with the carbon reductions needed by 2050 at the absolute latest. Historian and head of energy analytics at EDF Trading, David Cherrett, con rmed to all that history repeats itself in terms of economics –
and not just recent history but going back to the Middle Ages. Siiri Duddington, partner at Hill Dickinson, went on to explain how vulnerable the shipping community is to inadvertent breaches of sanctions – often  nding itself at the mercy of contradictory advice and caught in a lose-lose situation. Bringing the event to a close, Catherine Jago of CJH Energy provided the audience with a layman’s guide to the impact of hedging on damages, questioning whether hedging losses or
gains should be excluded contractually.
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