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The Department for Transport held a Tech Showcase aboard the RFA Lyme Bay, moored in maritime Greenwich. This event was a chance for 30 exhibitors to showcase some of the ground-breaking technology being developed in the UK which is leading the way in maritime innovation. Exhibits as SEAKIT, the  rst unmanned vessel to make a commercial crossing of the North Sea, and a model of the technologically advanced Boaty McBoatface; the submersible vessel which will be deployed from the brand-new polar research vessel, the RRS Sir David Attenborough. This equipment will be used in hostile environments and going to places the ship cannot. At this unique event, Maritime Minister Nusrat Ghani MP announced a £1 million maritime technology competition in partnership with MarRI-UK, a new national body to promote UK maritime research and innovation. Other exhibits showcased the latest technological developments in AI, security, virtual reality and navigation.
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