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The Department for Transport (DfT) took the opportunity to showcase its Clean Maritime Plan and discuss plans for progressing green initiatives by accelerating investment  ows towards zero emission shipping. HM Government’s Green Finance Strategy, published in July, sets out a dual approach on how the UK can build a stronger and cleaner economy. The strategy focuses on aligning  nancial investments with clean growth and environmental sectors and ensuring that climate and environmental factors are incorporated into  nancial decisions. The DfT’s Clean Maritime Plan (CMP) launched in July, is the UK’s route map to clean growth for the maritime sector and pathway to zero-emission shipping. The CMP sets out domestic policies to tackle air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions from shipping, while securing clean growth opportunities for the UK. The UK is one of the  rst countries since the IMO strategy was agreed in 2018, to publish a national action plan speci cally focused on reducing emissions from shipping.
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