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The Minister for the Port, Maritime Services and the University, Gilbert Licudi QC, hosted Gibraltar’s trademark Shipping Breakfast at Trinity House, in partnership with the Gibraltar Port Authority and Gibraltar Maritime Administration. The invitation-only event was aimed at some of Gibraltar Port’s key stakeholders from the local maritime industry and their international partners and prospective new associates. Gilbert Licudi gave an update on the Port’s activities, highlighting the global challenges facing the shipping sector generally but also the positive trends recently seen in Gibraltar. He pointed out that although Gibraltar was the number one port in the Mediterranean in terms of bunkering volumes, with over four million tonnes of fuel deliveries each year,
there was much more that Gibraltar had to offer the maritime industry including supply of provisions, spares and lube oils, salvage operations, underwater hull cleaning, crew changes and ship repair as well as being an attractive port of call for cruise liners. On new developments, Licudi mentioned improvements from an environmental perspective including the sulphur cap, which comes into force in 2020 bringing cleaner fuels
and the start of LNG bunkering. He also took the opportunity to mention the establishment of the Gibraltar Maritime Academy at the University of Gibraltar with four maritime degrees offered as from September 2020.
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