London Talks Live

Shipping Innovation, founder and organiser of London International Shipping Week, is delighted to announce that Newcastle-headquartered NorthStandard, a leading marine insurer, has come on board LISW25 as lead sponsor of London Talks Live.

NorthStandard offers its clients an unmatched breadth and depth of service that supports their operations, embraces their potential, and helps their businesses thrive.

Its offices span all main shipping regions and it employs over 600 people globally for an unrivalled claims and underwriting experience, supported by decades of expertise and understanding.

Rob McInally, Global Director – Marketing & Communications said: “NorthStandard is delighted to once again offer its support to London International Shipping Week in 2025. We look forward to a week filled with engaging and thought-provoking events for the global maritime industry.”

The LISW25 series of  London Talks will take place at the exclusive but wonderfully ‘edgy’ Steel Yard venue under the railway arches at Canon Street Staton in the heart of the City of London, on Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 September 2025, in front of a live and invited audience.

The aim of London Talks is to provide a live, exciting platform to enable the speakers to address their chosen subjects in far more depth than would be possible in a standard conference or seminar, and to do so in their own style by summoning the passion they feel about their chosen subject.

There will be a maximum of eight London Talks during LISW25. The subject of each London Talk will be distinct from the others, and planned well in advance, to avoid duplication and to maximise the target audience.

All eight hour-long London Talks will be filmed and made available online to the thousands of registered visitors to LISW25 and for general distribution via websites and social media to the rest of the world.

Four London Talks slots have been reserved already and four are currently available, on a first come, first served basis, to any company or individual wishing to tackle and put their unique stamp on any subject relevant to the global maritime sector and to LISW25.

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