Regulatory Improvements and a Change in Global Trading Trends are Essential as Egypt expands its maritime capabilities

Geopolitical and economic challenges in the Middle East will come into sharp focus during London International Shipping Week 2025 (LISW25) when, for the first time ever, an Egyptian law firm takes a central role.

Eldib Advocates, a firm celebrating its 150 year anniversary, will be hosting a thought-provoking seminar during LISW25, with the primary discussion point being the need for Egypt’s regulatory alignment with international practices and Egypt’s crucial role in world trade.

Passage through the vital Suez Canal has fallen from an average of 70 vessels per day to nearer a little over half that number due to rerouting of vessels in avoidance of Bab-el-Mandeb (which directly translates to the Gate of Grief or the Gate of Tears), the strait between Yemen and Djibouti in the Horn of Africa.

Egypt has been hit with back-to-back impactful global adversities: the challenges faced during the Covid-19 pandemic, followed by the Russia-Ukraine war, and today the Red Sea crisis, creating a ‘triple whammy ’ effect. However, Egypt continues to work to expand its maritime sector significantly with growth set to take effect soon.

Egypt’s ports are undergoing substantial expansion with throughput anticipated to triple over the coming years. Nada Eldib, Business Development Director of Eldib Advocates, says it is the right time for the country to establish a more internationally angled legal framework to enable it in becoming a key transit hub. As one of the oldest law firms in the Middle East, established in 1875 shortly after the Suez Canal came into operation, Eldib Advocates continues to work closely with the Egyptian entities, such as the Chamber of Shipping, to drive for this framework.

Ms. Eldib reveals: “There is a great appetite for positive change in the region,” highlighting the fact that both Egypt and Saudi Arabia have populations largely under 30 who are keen to innovate. “With difficult times come new solutions. Now is the time for new ideas,” she declares. “When you push the envelope a little then change is possible but it must be a united change. If everyone unites then we can change for the future.”

Eldib Advocates is planning a “challenging and disruptive” panel discussion during LISW25, which takes place 15-19 September 2025. She points to London’s central role at the heart of the global maritime industry and the foundation of a great deal of international law, commenting: “London is the ideal place to have these discussions and during LISW everyone will be there”.

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