n conjunction with London International Shipping Week 2017, AP-Networks hosted a dry docking conference to share benchmarks and best practices for improving dry docking performance.


Last week, in conjunction with London International Shipping Week 2017, Asset Performance Networks (AP-Networks) hosted a conference on improving dry docking performance. Over 25 attendees registered to hear the latest trends and benchmarks in dry docking, and to gain valuable insights for improving the dry docking performance at their companies.

Leon van Hout, Senior Consultant and Dry Docking Benchmarking Project Manager for AP-Networks, kicked off the conference by sharing industry benchmark outcomes based on the dry docking data collected by AP-Networks over the previous years. These provided valuable insights into the current state of the industry and the potential gains from executing more predictable and competitive dry docking events.

AP-Networks Senior Consultant Ben van Roij introduced the dry docking maturity model to forge a path toward superior dry docking performance, with emphasis on the role of leadership in leading the way and stewarding these improvements. He also talked about the complexity of leadership in the dry docking industry, discussing how a dry docking work process, tools, and people should be integrated by that very leadership to be successful.

Finally, AP-Networks shared selected learnings from oil refinery turnarounds that can be applied to dry docking planning, preparation, and execution. In particular, the correlation between greater emphasis on planning and preparation practices and strong turnaround performance has the potential to be a game changer in the dry docking industry.

Ship owners and managers are on the verge of unlocking incredible value and savings. By focusing effort on dry docking planning and preparation, they stand to execute more predictable dry dockings and achieve more competitive outcomes, with a tangible effect on the bottom line.

If you’re interested in learning more about AP-Networks’ dry docking benchmarking and consulting services, or you wish to receive a copy of the conference materials, please contact drydocking@ap-networks.com.


About Asset Performance Networks

AP-Networks is the indispensable trusted partner to global petroleum, chemical, energy, and shipping companies that aim to optimize their assets’ performance and maximize operational efficiency. We leverage our databases, benchmarks, Software as a Service (SaaS) engines, and our industry-recognized consulting expertise to ensure that our clients mitigate, manage, and control high-risk events, including shutdowns, turnarounds, and dry dockings.


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