Bold ambitions increase cyber risk for maritime industry

Increasing digitalisation and connectivity within the maritime world are helping the shipping industry to advance, to achieve greater efficiencies, and to decarbonise. However, the more we connect different systems and the more digitalised they are, the greater the threat that a breach may occur.

Speaking in the LISW23 London Talks series, Svante Einarsson, Head of Cyber Security Maritime & APAC for DNV, comments: “With these bold ambitions the industry is unlocking new vulnerabilities.”

In his video presentation, Mr Einarsson answers the following questions:
• What are the threats currently evolving?
• What are the key challenges?
• What is the maritime industry prioritising at the moment?
• What is driving the industry and what is holding it back?
• And which steps can the maritime industry take to tackle these emerging cyber risks?

Commercial shipping is an important part of the world’s critical infrastructure, as events in recent years have highlighted. This London Talks video shares knowledge from DNV’s many years’ experience and its latest industry report.

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