Britannia P&I makes donations to four seafarer charitiess

In recognition of the extra demands and pressures facing the crew who work on board its Members’ ships, and the crucial role played by seafarer charities in supporting crew welfare during the pandemic, Britannia P&I Club has made one-off donations to four charities.

The donations, given to coincide with the IMO Day of the Seafarer on 25 June, can be used in whatever way the charities deem appropriate to continue the support they provide these vital, and sometimes overlooked, key workers.

The four charities, all of whom provide vital support to seafarers around the world, to receive donations are: the International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN), Sailors’ Society, Stella Maris and The Mission to Seafarers.

Commenting on the donations Britannia’s CEO Andrew Cutler said, “Britannia has been a long standing supporter of seafarer charities and recognises that crew welfare and wellbeing is particularly relevant at this time given the extra demands and pressures under which seafarers are operating due to the global pandemic”.

Seafarer health and wellbeing is one of the key pillars of Britannia’s BSafe online safety campaign, which aims to support seafarers through a dedicated website providing best practice information and the latest thinking on onboard safety and crew wellbeing.

Through its BSafe campaign Britannia also supports other specific seafarer charity initiatives as Sara Baade, CEO, Sailors’ Society explained:

“Seafaring is one of the most challenging jobs in the world but the pandemic and resulting crew change crisis have intensified the stress and mental pressures seafarers face and calls for our help have increased. So we’re doubly grateful to Britannia P&I for investing in seafarer mental health and crew care, not only by signing up to our Wellness at Sea Awareness Campaign but through its generous donation towards our wider Wellness at Sea programme”.

Britannia’s donations come at a time when the industry prepares to mark the IMO Day of the Seafarer on 25 June focussing this year on a fair future for seafarers as Andrew Wright, General Secretary, The Mission to Seafarers, outlined:

“The Mission to Seafarers is hugely grateful for this donation from long-term supporters Britannia P&I. This donation will deliver measurable impact on the mental wellbeing of seafarers who continue to face enormous challenges at sea whilst keeping global supply chains open. The Day of the Seafarer is a fitting time to make this donation and recognises the debt we all owe to seafarers”.

Martin Foley, CEO, Stella Maris added:

“Stella Maris’ global seafarer support network of 1,000 ship-visiting volunteers and chaplains visits hundreds of Britannia members’ vessels annually to assist and support their crews. Britannia’s consistent support over the years and its generous and much appreciated sponsorship of Stella Maris operations on International Day of the Seafarer on 25th June, enables our support for seafarers to grow as the demands and pressures on them increase”.

And the donations will not only help seafarers themselves but also those left at home as Simon Grainge, CEO, ISWAN explained:

“We are incredibly grateful to Britannia for their support at this critical time for seafarers. This donation will enable us to provide further help and support to seafarers and their families in need around the world”.





Neil Smith, Head of Communications, Tindall Riley (Britannia) Limited:  +44 (0)7741 800 420

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