Associated British Ports announced as a Gold Sponsor at London International Shipping Week 2023

LONDON: 27 September, 2022: The organisers of London International Shipping Week are delighted to announce Associated British Ports (ABP) has signed up as a Gold Sponsor of the 2023 event.

ABP is the UK’s leading ports group with 21 ports handling around a quarter of the UK’s seaborne trade. Its ports include Immingham, the UK’s largest port by tonnage and Southampton, number one for cruise. The company supports approximately 190,000 jobs and, with its customers, handles around £150 billion of UK trade.

Sustainability is a key focus for the ABP and it has invested over £50 million in green technologies since 2011, reducing its GHGs by 35% since 2014. ABP is working with customers and partners to help build the sustainable supply chains of the future, driving a modal shift to decarbonise freight, and helping to facilitate the growth of port-centric manufacturing.

ABP’s strategic locations support renewable and low carbon energy production such as offshore wind, biomass, hydrogen production, and carbon capture and storage. The company is playing a vital role in the UK’s energy transition, helping to chart the course to Net Zero. It is also transforming its ports and terminals into resilient, low-carbon transport and energy hubs by optimising the overall efficiency of its operations and investing in renewable energy generation.

On announcing the decision to become a gold sponsor of LISW23, Henrik L. Pedersen, ABP Chief Executive Officer (pictured), commented: “We are delighted to be sponsoring London International Shipping Week in its 10th anniversary year. This forum brings together the international maritime community and provides a key platform for important conversations around the future of the industry and decarbonisation. As the UK’s leading ports group, we look forward to highlighting the crucial role ports have to play in the UK’s energy transition to Net Zero.”

Llewellyn Bankes-Hughes, Co-founder of London International Shipping Week, said: “Associated British Ports’ part in supporting the safe passage of goods from abroad into the UK is essential, as is its role in facilitating the export of British goods around the world. It is also at the forefront of moving supply chains into a greener and more sustainable future. We are delighted that they have taken out Gold Sponsorship of LISW23.”

LISW23 will be held during the week of September 11-15, 2023 and will play host to the maritime world with hundreds of events attracting thousands of international industry decision makers into London during the week. The headline LISW23 Conference will be held on Wednesday September 13th while the LISW23 Gala Dinner will be held on Thursday September 14th.

Royal Alfred celebrates Britain’s unsung heroes this Merchant Navy Day

Maritime charity The Royal Alfred Seafarers Society and its care home at Belvedere House celebrate all its former seafarers this Merchant Navy Day on September 3.
Merchant Navy Day is an opportunity for the country to champion Britain’s merchant fleet’s hard work and sacrifice and raise public awareness of the country’s ongoing dependence on merchant seafarers. The Red Ensign is flown across the UK to honour the men and women of the Merchant Navy.

The modern-day British merchant fleet operates worldwide and is an integral part of British industry, responsible for looking after the country’s imports and exports and includes a variety of vessels from cruise ships to tankers and cargo ships of all descriptions.

Britain’s merchant fleet was the largest in the world during both world wars and was vital in keeping the country supplied with raw materials and food during the war effort. The perseverance, however, came at a cost, with more than 50,000 merchant seafarers losing their lives across both world wars. Merchant Navy Day was formed in the year 2000 to commemorate the sacrifices of merchant seafarers.

The Royal Alfred Seafarers Society, established in 1865, delivers expert care to former seafarers and their dependants – including those living with dementia – from various maritime backgrounds and has many residents and tenants that were part of the Merchant Navy.

Ian Potter, a resident at The Royal Alfred and a member of the Merchant Navy, shares his story: “For me, it was the dream job. After leaving school, I tried to join but was told I was too fat! So, I ended up doing five years as a deep-sea fisherman sailing from Grimsby. This was in 1968. In 1973, fishing was starting to become a dead-end job, so I contacted the British Shipping Federation, stating that how was I fit enough to be a fisherman, which was a very physical job, but not fit enough to be in the MN? They replied that I should go to my local Pool (branch of the British Shipping Federation) and take the medical tests. It was the same doctor who passed me fit for fishing, so I joined in 1973. It was a great job, travelling the world and getting paid for it.

“During WW2, my father was a Senior Radio Officer seconded to the Merchant Navy and then transferred to the Royal Navy. I think that the people of this country tend to forget the service and ultimate sacrifice paid by the boys and men of this service. We might have lost the war without their service and sacrifices in keeping the UK supplied with food and arms.

“I got to fly around the world to places like Sydney in Australia, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Detroit in the USA, and other places. Joining my first ship – a Shell tanker named SS Partula – was the first time I’d ever been on an aeroplane and stayed in a hotel. I preferred to join a ship abroad, flying out to some exotic place, because I knew that if I didn’t like it, I couldn’t just walk down the gangway and go home! I once joined a ship, the Roland, in Middlesbrough, and before I signed on, the Chief Steward asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this. He told me to look around the ship and then come back and tell him my decision, The ship was falling apart, but I still decided that I’d stay, and the trip to Brazil and then back to the UK became one of my most memorable.

“The seafarers here at The Royal Alfred are a mix of ex Royal Navy and ex Merchant Navy, but although there is a friendly rivalry between both services, we all have the common bond of being at sea. As the saying goes, you can take the man out of the sea, but you can’t take the sea out of the man.”

Championing the Society’s seafaring residents, CEO, Commander Brian Boxall-Hunt, said: “This Merchant Navy Day, I am proud to celebrate all of our former seafarers here at the Society that were part of the Merchant Navy and of the contributions they have all made to the maritime industry during their service.

“While we are looking back on the contribution made by our residents, it is also important to recognise the work of the UK’s current seafarers. They kept our country afloat during the pandemic and are responsible for transporting most of our everyday items, such as food and fuel. Here at the Society, we have built a strong community of former seafarers and their dependents, who offer support and companionship to one another through their many shared experiences.”


Blue sky thinking and thought leadership are expected deliverables from every instalment of London International Shipping Week, and 2023 will be no exception.

Weekly blogs, monthly podcasts as well as quarterly LISW23 webinars are planned and will bring the sharpest brains in the shipping industry together to debate the key issues facing the industry.

Invitations will be extended to key LISW23 Sponsors and Supporting Organisations as well as leaders of the global industry to take part and their deliberations, comments, views and cogitations will be read, listened to, and viewed, by thousands of past and future attendees of LISW via the official LISW23 website and social media.

“This is an exciting development for LISW23 as it will start the debate on the key game changers threatening global shipping way ahead of the start of the week in September next year,” said Sean Moloney, Co-founder of LISW.

“LISW23 is a global must-attend event, but it is different from other shipping weeks in that it revolves around business debate, networking and discussion. These planned blogs, podcasts and webinars will ignite the debate early, and will underline the important role that London and the UK play in international shipping,” he said.


The organisers of LISW23 are excited to announce the launch of a major Ship Chartering Reception to be held on the evening of Tuesday 12 September during London International Shipping Week 2023.

Over 500 of the world’s most active charterers, vessel operators, commodity and energy traders, owners’ chartering representatives and ‘cargo interests’ will be invited to attend this unique invitation-only event.

Featured for the first time in the 10-year history of LISW, the LISW23 Ship Chartering Reception will offer an exceptional opportunity for those to whom ship chartering is the focus of their daily jobs to network with their peers from around the world.

Welcoming the initiative, Denis Petropoulos, Chairman of the Baltic Exchange and Chair of the LISW23 Board of Advisors, said: “Ship charterers are now widely spread around the many global maritime hubs, but London remains the chartering epicentre. This is why this event, focused on the people who actually do the chartering, will be such an excellent addition to what promises to be, by far, the biggest and busiest LISW to date.”

Llewellyn Bankes-Hughes, Co-founder of LISW, added: “All too often, the people ‘at the coalface’ doing all the heavy lifting are overlooked while CEOs and top industry leaders attract all the attention. This new Ship Chartering Reception, at a prime location in the heart of London, will help redress the balance and give the charterers, traders and brokers an event of their own that they can look forward to.”

Karen Martin, Commercial Director of LISW, added: “We are delighted to announce that Lockton has come on board to be the Headline Sponsor of the Ship Chartering Reception. Only six carefully-selected sponsors will be invited to sponsor this unique event.”


LONDON: AUGUST 3, 2022: The organisers of London International Shipping Week are delighted to announce that ABS has been confirmed as exclusive sponsor of the LISW23 headline Gala Dinner, to be held during the evening of Thursday September 14th, 2023.

Between September 11-15, next year, the UK will play host to the global maritime world, with hundreds of events attracting thousands of international industry decision makers into London. The headline Gala Dinner will be one of the main events of LISW23.

Announcing ABS’ support of LISW23, Christopher J. Wiernicki, Chairman, President and CEO, said: “We are delighted be part of the 10th anniversary activities. LISW has been a very successful and strategically significant event for us and for many others in maritime. Next year, it will once again bring thought leaders together at an important time of rapid transformation in regulation and technology. The more we can be together at events such as LISW, exchanging information and ideas, the better we enable the industry to meet these new challenges and continue to thrive.”

Llewellyn Bankes-Hughes, Director of Shipping Innovation, welcomed ABS’ support of LISW23. He said: “London International Shipping Week has become one of the most important shipping events in the world precisely because it is so strongly supported by the leading organisations in the global maritime sector. ABS is among the most prominent and well-respected of these and so we are thrilled it is coming on board to sponsor the LISW23 Gala Dinner, one of the highlights of the LISW 10th anniversary celebrations.”

Founded in 1862, ABS is a global leader in providing classification services for marine and offshore assets. Its mission is to serve the public interest as well as the needs of its members and clients by promoting the security of life and property and preserving the natural environment. ABS’ commitment to safety, reliability and efficiency is ever-present.


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