Blue sky thinking and thought leadership are expected deliverables from every instalment of London International Shipping Week, and 2023 will be no exception.

Weekly blogs, monthly podcasts as well as quarterly LISW23 webinars are planned and will bring the sharpest brains in the shipping industry together to debate the key issues facing the industry.

Invitations will be extended to key LISW23 Sponsors and Supporting Organisations as well as leaders of the global industry to take part and their deliberations, comments, views and cogitations will be read, listened to, and viewed, by thousands of past and future attendees of LISW via the official LISW23 website and social media.

“This is an exciting development for LISW23 as it will start the debate on the key game changers threatening global shipping way ahead of the start of the week in September next year,” said Sean Moloney, Co-founder of LISW.

“LISW23 is a global must-attend event, but it is different from other shipping weeks in that it revolves around business debate, networking and discussion. These planned blogs, podcasts and webinars will ignite the debate early, and will underline the important role that London and the UK play in international shipping,” he said.

Will social be the game changer that surprises us all?

As sociological trends have increasingly risen up the shipping industry agenda, the LISW21 Conference takes an in-depth look at the ‘Social’ aspects of ESG.

Moderating the panel will be Steve Davies, Chief Executive Officer of Anglo International. Bringing together experts from the fields of people, trade, finance and innovation, he will be leading a discussion on how shipping can drive positive social change in a sustainable way while continuing to meet all the other demands placed on the industry. Shipping needs to not simply drive growth, but drive the right ty[e of growth.

“The scope of Environmental and Governance objectives are, for the large part, already determined; focus in these areas has turned to how to get there. Whilst that in itself is no simple feat, compare it to the Social aspects of the ESG mix, where industry and stakeholders face not only a multi-faceted set of issues, but issues that are constantly evolving; that create juxtapositions; that are often misunderstood; and that should be seen not only as challenges to be resolved, but as triumphs to be preserved.”

COVID 19 has been a tremendous test for the entire world but the international shipping industry has arguably suffered more than many other sectors. The burdens placed on seafarers have been immense as they have struggled to maintain global trade while themselves having to deal with the mental and physical challenges of crew change difficulties. However, as a result, COVID has lifted the profile of ESG to a new level because of the additional disruption it has applied to political, economic and social drivers.

The social panel at LISW will look at the health and well-being issues that have come to the fore over the past 12-18 months in respect of the people that keep the industry moving, but it will also broaden the debate on social issues and opportunities to look at shipping’s contribution to, and impacts on, global inequality, global poverty, globalisation trends and promoting peace & justice.

“Social is currently stepping up its prevalence in the ESG mix and will play a major role as we shape growth and recovery. Our industry is far reaching, and the fantastically diverse panel will explore how shipping can be shaped as an increasingly important driver of positive social change in the markets ahead. If social values are seeing a significant disruption, we should seize the opportunity and drive growth accordingly because resistance is not only futile, it’s arguably immoral,” he added.

Panellists taking part in the discussion are: Sabrina Chao, President, BIMCO; Stephen Cotton, General Secretary, International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF); Cecilia Harvey, Global ED&I Lead, Royal HaskoningDHV; Peter Holbrook CBE, Chief Executive, Social Enterprise UK; Guy Platten, Secretary-General, International Chamber of Shipping (ICS); and Yee Yang Chien, President, MISC.

For more information or to attend the conference entitled: Driving Growth in a Disrupted World, visit the website: www.londoninternationalshippingweek.com.

Register here for the conference: https://bit.ly/3zCyLAI

Virtual visitors to LISW21 will need to access events via the official LISW21 Portal. Register here for free: https://bit.ly/3rykbaP

More information on how to get full access to the Portal and tutorials about how to use it can be found here: https://bit.ly/3rMK4E1

Details of LISW21 Covid Protocol can be found here: : Covid Protocol – London International Shipping Week 2021

Under Sail, Cruise ships return to Harwich International

Hutchison Ports Harwich International has welcomed its first cruise vessel call since 2019 and the start of the Covid crisis. Operated by Tradewind Voyages, the Golden Horizon is the world’s largest square-rigged sailing vessel and one of very few sail-powered cruise ships.

Commenting on the call, Chris Lewis, Chief Executive of Hutchison Ports UK, said: “We are delighted to welcome the Golden Horizon on its first call at Harwich International. The cruise industry has had a very difficult time during the pandemic but despite the challenges of the last 18 months we remain committed to the cruise industry and our existing and new cruise line customers. As Europe and the rest of the world begin to open up once more to UK departing passengers, we will continue to offer the same high level of service and facilities that visitors have always enjoyed at the port.

“This is the first of two calls for the Golden Horizon this year and the start of what we hope will be a long term relationship with Tradewind Voyages. I am not sure when we last saw a sailing ship at Harwich, using wind-power harks back to an earlier time but at the same time is very much up-to-date and in tune with the drive towards greater sustainability.”
On departure from Harwich, the ship will undertake a 10-day cruise along the South Coast during which it will anchor off the Isle of Wight to allow the passengers a unique view of the world-class sailing action of Cowes week.

Although the exterior has an historic feel, the ship itself is new and passengers enjoy all modern luxuries. The 140 cabins all have outside views while passengers in the ship’s suites can also enjoy a concierge service and complimentary 24-hour room service.


Maritime UK response to the government’s inclusion of international shipping emissions within UK net-zero targets

The UK’s maritime sector is committed to decarbonisation and is excited about the opportunities the transition is creating. We recognise the government’s intention to include international shipping emissions within UK net-zero targets and reiterate the need to work in partnership with industry to get this right, both in terms of administration and creating an enabling environment.

Such significant commitment to combatting climate change will demand robust action from government to help industry develop the solutions necessary, and to support the deployment of low emission vessels and infrastructure to meet ambitious trajectories for net zero goals.

Regulation alone is not going to be sufficient: building on the automotive experience, capital investment in maritime decarbonisation is needed to unlock the potential of industry and to kick-start the whole scale transition to zero emission maritime. This includes investment for green infrastructure, funding for R&D and incentive support for owners and operators to manage the transition to low emission vessels and alternative fuels.

The renewed commitment to combatting climate change provides opportunity for the UK to position itself as a world-leader in developing green solutions and alternatives for the global maritime sector, and to show thought leadership through extensive funding for innovation and development of new technology. With the Prime Minister having declared his ambition for the UK to become a green shipping superpower, and with clean maritime given a prominent role in the Government’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, significant investment into maritime decarbonisation would be a clear statement of intent ahead of COP26 in Glasgow in November.

Failure to match regulation with support will mean that the UK misses out on the opportunity to become a world leader in a greener, cleaner future for maritime, as well as missing the chance to create tens of thousands of green collar jobs, particularly in coastal towns and cities.

The government has an opportunity to flesh out its plans and provide important detail on how it will support transition in the Transport Decarbonisation Plan and National Shipbuilding Strategy, both due in the coming weeks and months.

Maritime UK is the umbrella body for the maritime sector in the UK, representing the shipping, ports, engineering and marine science, professional services and leisure marine industries. Our purpose is to champion and enable a thriving maritime sector.


The UK Ship Register (UKSR) has pledged its support for London International Shipping Week 2021 (LISW21) by becoming a Platinum Sponsor.

LISW21 is scheduled to take place from September 13 to 17 in a blended format, expertly combining in-person events with a strong online presence to create a seamless integration of real and virtual attendance and thereby enabling a far wider international audience to take part.

The involvement of UKSR will facilitate an important focus on maritime growth during the week-long LISW21. The UKSR offers international ship registration, wide ranging integrated services and 24/hour support to ship owners across the world.

As part of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency it provides world class surveyors and regulation, and the UK Red Ensign is recognised globally for the maintenance of high standards, maritime safety and the welfare of seafarers.

Announcing UKSR’s support of LISW21, Dan Vivian, Commercial Director said: “London International Shipping Week is one of the most respected and valued maritime events in the world. The UK Ship Register is an important part of the UK maritime offer and the week gives us the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the many fiscal advantages, world class expertise and personalised service the UK Flag has to offer.”

Sean Moloney, Director of Shipping Innovation, said the UKSR’s support of LISW demonstrates how the week-long event spans all aspects of shipping and maritime sectors across all maritime clusters.

“We are delighted the UKSR is taking an active part in this year’s much-anticipated London International Shipping Week which will showcase all aspects of Britain’s varied maritime sectors as well as focusing on London and the UK’s central role at the heart of the international shipping industry,” he said.

LISW21 is on track to host some 200 events and activities as well as holding its influential Headline Conference which this year will take place at the London headquarters of the International Maritime Organisation on the banks of the River Thames.

Further information about LISW21 can be found on the dedicated event website: www.londoninternationalshippingweek.com or you can follow us on Twitter @LISWOfficial or #LISW21

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