Change comes at a cost – can shipping attract new sources of funding to meet environmental goals?

Shipping will need to tap into non-traditional sources of funding in order to change the way it operates and meet its environmental targets, but can it attract this funding without improving its own governance?

Lindsey Keeble of Watson Farley & Williams, who will moderate a panel discussion on this topic during this month’s London International Shipping Week (LISW21) Conference, explained: “There has been significant focus on the environmental impact of the maritime industry and the need for change. Change comes at a cost and it is clear from industry feedback and research that the funding for energy transition will not come from the traditional sources and people will need to look outside of the usual maritime financiers to tap into the necessary capital.”

Addressing the question “Is It All About The Money?” panellists – including Sven Boss Walker of BP Shipping, Ed Buttery of Taylor Maritime, Shreyas Chipalkatty of Citigroup, Tony Foster of Marine Capital, and Jens Martin Jensen of Athenian Holdings – will explore whether the maritime industry has the necessary governance framework in place to access the capital needed to finance change and new technology.

Ms Keeble is WFW’s Global Maritime Sector Co-Head and Head of the Assets & Structured Finance Group in London, specialising in structured finance and leasing within the maritime space. She said: “Investors and financial institutions are clearly held, more and more, to the highest governance standards and regulation shows no sign of abating. It’s time to explore whether the pressure for change will come from the ability to attract new funding, regulation, public pressure, or something else?”

The LISW21 Conference, which takes place at the IMO’s London headquarters on Wednesday September 15, will consider a number of key issues along the central theme of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance). This panel will examine what constitutes good governance, consider what shipping can learn from other sectors, and hear from financial experts as to what the shipping industry needs to do to compete against other sectors for vital funding.

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