Conference Programme LISW21

Driving Growth in a Disrupted World
Wednesday 15 September 2021
Registration and Networking Breakfast

Building on the central themes ‘Driving Growth in a Disrupted World’ and ESG, the LISW21 Headline Conference will consider international issues including the COVID-19 pandemic, international trade, environment and the road to COP26, global economic pressures, protectionism, Brexit, finance, technology and innovation, regulations, people and skills, and the impact of these key drivers on the international maritime industry

Welcome to the LISW21 Conference
Welcome Adresses 1
John Hulmes, Chairman, LISW21 Steering Group and Chairman, Mersey Maritime
Welcome Address 2
Kitack Lim, Secretary-General, IMO
Conference Chair’s Introduction
Paddy Rodgers, Director, Royal Museums Greenwich
Opening Addresses
The Rt Hon Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP, UK International Champion on Adaptation and Resilience for the COP26 Presidency, Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth
Driving Growth in a Disrupted World

COVID-19 proved beyond any doubt that when it comes to market disruption, we can sometimes be caught off-guard. The resulting volatility, operational impacts, and general uncertainty have been significant challenges for our industry. While some continue to struggle to manage the resulting impacts on LISW’s key topics of trade, finance, people and innovation, others have profited and continue to weigh up the opportunities to redefine their roles in driving onward growth.

Decarbonisation, de-globalisation, and digitalisation are the new buzz words, and they will drive change in their own right. But how can this change be harnessed and exploited and how will it affect the way we trade and the way we ship our goods? Shipping must be agile and sustainable if it is to meet these changing demands and keep international trade moving. What does it need to do to meet the challenge?

Conference Chair’s Opening Remarks
Paddy Rodgers, Director, Royal Museums Greenwich
Keynote Addresses
Moderated Panel Discussion / Questions

Examining developments and changes in the maritime industry over the last 24 months. The discussion will include the impacts and changes brought about by Covid, but will also cover other real forces of change, including trade wars, sanctions etc. In the context of the UK, this will also include Brexit.

Including Keynote speakers plus additional panelists.

Networking Coffee Break
Is Shipping ready for the outcomes of COP26?

As the world starts to move out of the pandemic and the economic turmoil it has left in its wake, all eyes are on climate change and the important discussions to be had during COP26. The people coming to Glasgow to hammer out the international strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions will have full focus on the UN’s global sustainability goals and targets, but a limited understanding of the essential services shipping provides to the world.

Nevertheless, they will draft the multilateral agreements on measures to decarbonise shipping and other sectors. Will those agreements be compatible with the necessity of nation states to grow their economies and do regulators understand the consequences to their economies? And will shipping be able to service those ambitions while dealing with everything from climate-aligned finance, politically motivated policy and the technological challenges of creating a sustainable, carbon free and economically viable future.

Moderator’s Opening Remarks
Kathi Stanzel, Managing Director, Intertanko
Opening Remarks
Moderated Panel Discussion / Questions

Panel includes:

Jan Dieleman
President, Cargill Ocean Tankers

Networking Luncheon
Will Social be the game changer that surprises us all?

The past 24-months have seen sociological trends increasingly taking centre-stage in influencing the way policy makers, investors and businesses view global trade and finance. COVID-19 highlighted the critical nature of the shipping industry and the challenges facing the people that keep the industry moving, whilst also providing opportunity to drive innovation and change.

The panel will explore how the developments of the past 24-months have impacted people, trade, finance and innovation; and will consider how the wider sociological challenges facing our global community can determine the shape of growth and recovery in the markets ahead.

Moderator’s Opening Remarks
Steve Davies, CEO, Anglo International
Moderated Panel Discussion / Questions

Panel includes:

Sabrina Chao
President. BIMCO
Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings Limited

Guy Platten
Secretary-General, International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)

Yee Yang Chien
President, MISC

Networking Coffee Break
Is it all about the money?

Is transparency the new imperative for shipping? Without it, will investors and financiers fund the innovation shipping needs to implement the environmental and social changes demanded, or will investors look elsewhere?

Who is the arbiter of ‘better governance’ and when will poor governance no longer be accepted?

Moderator’s Opening Remarks
Lindsey Keeble, Global Maritime Sector Head, Partner, Asset Finance Group Watson Farley & Williams
Moderated Panel Discussion / Questions

Panel includes:

Jens Martin Jensen
CEO, Athenian Holdings

Conference Chair’s Closing Remarks
Paddy Rodgers, Director, Royal Museums Greenwich
End of Conference Sessions / Post Conference Networking Reception
End of Formal Proceedings
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