‘It’s uniquely important in this industry that we work together internationally to tackle maritime emissions,’ says Nus Ghani, UK Minister for Maritime.

Speaking at the inaugural Sea: The Future conference in London this morning (22 May), Ghani said 2018 had marked ‘a major milestone for maritime’.

She highlighted the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) commitment to a global greenhouse gas (GHG) strategy, setting an ambitious target to reduce the sector’s GHG emissions by at least half by 2050.

Ghani said: ‘International shipping is responsible for approximately 2% of global CO2 emissions but if action is not taken by 2050 it’s predicted that the figure could rise to as much as 17%.’

She continued: ‘The UK continues to play a leading role at the IMO to deliver on [the] 2018 strategy advocating the global transition to new and alternative fuels.’

Ghani said the UK Maritime Ministry is demonstrating the UK’s ambition to reduce shipping’s emissions by developing a clean maritime plan – ‘to be launched soon’.

‘We will be one of the first countries since the agreement of the IMO strategy to set out a national action plan,’ said Ghani. ‘It will set out how we intend to reduce not only greenhouse gases but also air pollutants as we work towards a long-term goal of zero emission shipping.

‘Clearly this will require close collaboration between industry and government and that’s why we have established a clean maritime council and an advisory body of academics, industry and government to develop a practical, feasible and deliverable clean maritime plan, and also to capture the broader benefits of this technological revolution.

Concluding her presentation, Ghani pointed to this year’s London International Shipping Week (LISW), which she said would be the country’s chance to ‘showcase British maritime to the world’.

‘[LISW] will also provide a great opportunity for us to talk about maritime and shipping, and to network and learn from each other, continuing conversations about the future of the maritime sector, laying the foundations for a strong, modern, environmentally-aware maritime industry, and develop trading partnerships that will further cement the UK’s place as a leading maritime nation.’

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