Anticipation for London International Shipping Week 2021 (LISW21), the global maritime industry’s first in-person gathering since early 2020, is set to soar following Boris Johnson’s announcement that London is open for business.

The British Prime Minister has confirmed an easing of Covid-19 restrictions across England by 19 July, giving people working in shipping clear passage to reconnect at LISW21 from September 13– 17. 

John Hulmes, Chairman of the LISW21 Steering Group, welcomed the British Government’s decision to usher in a return to normality by easing Covid-19 restrictions in England. 

“A huge amount of work has been done to ensure we are able to deliver a week of the highest quality, and the decision by the UK Government to ease restrictions means we can press ahead with our plans to hold LISW21 as an in-person as well as virtual event. Shipping will have waited nearly 20 months to physically network together and the opportunity to reconnect in person will be eagerly welcomed.”

He added: “Our Supporting Organisations and Sponsors are working hard to ensure this year’s London International Shipping Week will reach a larger and wider audience than ever before.” 

LISW21 will be a hybrid event that gives in-person attendees, along with virtual audiences around the world, the opportunity to explore the key challenges and opportunities for the sector. Hosting LISW21 online also allows for a far wider international audience than ever before, with some elements of the industry facing air travel restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Around 100+ events – most of which are in-person, online and free – are already on the LISW21 calendar (), with many more to be added soon. Visitors to LISW21 must register on the official LISW21 Portal (), which goes live on 2 August, to access all events during the week. 

Events registered on the Portal can be accessed and viewed by other attendees from around the world, creating an even wider audience than ever before for this year’s LISW. 

Visit the LISW21 website () to register for the Portal and to keep abreast of everything happening at LISW21. News and updates will also be available through Twitter (@LISWOfficial or #LISW21) and LinkedIn (). 

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