InceMaritime cyber launch

Ince is  launching a specialist cyber security solution in conjunction with Mission Secure, one of the world’s leading Operational Technology (OT) cyber security companies. This signals the first collaboration developed by our newly established InceMaritime, the global maritime industry’s first integrated suite of legal advisory, business consultancy, and technology services within one offering.

At Ince, we fully understand the increasing complexities, change and regulatory transformation that maritime organisations face in a new and more digitalised world. That’s why we have to think differently and look at new ways that we can help our clients, not just manage this change, but also stimulate growth and thrive.

Under InceMaritime, we will be providing the legal, compliance and consultancy services that Ince is known for, but we’ll also offer technology implementation in order to provide clients with a complete solution. And we’ll deliver this by collaborating with specialist technology experts, who are the best in their field. This single managed service will be delivered across six key areas within the maritime industry, which we’ll launch throughout the course of 2021, starting with our new cyber security solution.

Working with Mission Secure, InceMaritime will provide our clients with a fully integrated cyber security offering that protects on-shore and on-vessel OT networks, safeguards operations, and ensures compliance and business continuity. The joint proposition comprises:

• A full audit of a company’s policies to ensure compliance with the new Cyber Security Guidelines (IMO 2021).
• Implementation of the patented Mission Secure Platform, the first integrated platform built for OT cyber protection for shipping.
• 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring, threat hunting, and incident response.
• Legal and crisis management following a cyberattack.

Cyber security is one of the industry’s greatest challenges, where the threat level and sophistication of hackers increases every day. In such an ever-evolving risk scenario, it’s vital that organisations have access to a cost effective, reliable solution. Our cooperation with Mission Secure brings all the essential elements that an organisation needs to fully protect itself into one, combined offering.

We’d be delighted to provide you with more information on our new solution and understand how it fits with your current cyber security strategy and ensure that the risks you face from the impact of a cyberattack are fully mitigated.

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