International Port Community Systems Association welcomes the multi-talented Port of Algeciras Bay Authority as its newest member

The International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA) has expanded its membership once again, welcoming the Port of Algeciras Bay Authority as its newest member.

Algeciras, one of Europe’s busiest ports, handled 107 million tonnes of cargo in 2018 – including a container throughput of 4.7 million teu, 1.2 million vehicles and 338,499 ro-ro units. More than 5.9 million ferry passengers used the port in 2018. The port authority’s operations also include the ferry port of Tarifa.

In 2011, the Port of Algeciras Bay Authority was the leader in setting up the Teleport Port Community System. This used a Single Window approach to integrate various EDI and Web applications into a common platform, and successfully established new services and extended the application to the landside. Joining IPCSA will be an important factor as the development of Teleport 2.0 moves forward, said Paco Saucedo, the port authority’s project manager.

“Based on a detailed strategic evaluation, we have developed the design of the new version of Teleport – we recently published a tender for companies to develop this version, which is based on the experience of Teleport 1.0 but takes a completely new value added services approach,” he said.

“Teleport 2.0 will focus on services, processes and community collaboration to reach common goals with new technology. We have planned to introduce 2.0 in an agile way, transitioning from Teleport 1.0 stage by stage – because the port never stops.”

Introducing Teleport 2.0 will be a two-year project, said Paco Saucedo. “We believe we can learn from others in IPCSA – and we also think we can provide other members with useful experience.

“Algeciras is a unique port because we handle such a wide variety of cargoes and traffic, including containers, vehicles, trucks, petrochemicals and bunkers – and we hold the first, second or third place in Spain for different types of cargo. We are also a full service port with facilities for repairing and ship supply.”

Teleport Port Community System is utilised for processing information across containers, ro-ro and passengers, he added.

The Port of Algeciras Bay Authority is planning to play a proactive role on a number of IPCSA’s specialist working groups. In particular, the port authority is interested in e-commerce and the integration between Port Community Systems and e-commerce, and in IPCSA’s blockchain initiatives, said Paco Saucedo. “Yes, we know we are in a strategic location on the map but we also know how vital it is that we a competitive port – and that is based on accelerating cargo flow and understanding the cargo flow is end-to-end.”

Algeciras is considered a one-stop-shop for vessel services (bunkering, repairs, ship supplies, etc.), with zero deviation from the main commercial shipping lanes. The port has a very high port connectivity index ad two container terminals handling the world’s largest container ships.

With its ro-ro facilities at the shortest route between Europe and Africa, the port also provides high-frequency ro-pax connections, specialised 24/7 support, and value-added services.

“We are fully committed to the IPCSA mission of promoting the electronic exchange of information to enable seamless, efficient trade logistics processes though a single submission of data,” said Paco Saucedo. “What is more, the development of our Port Community System, Teleport 2.0, is one of our main priorities.”

Richard Morton, secretary general of IPCSA, said: “We are delighted to welcome the Port of Algeciras Bay Authority as our newest member. IPCSA has grown rapidly in recent years – in terms of membership, which is now over 40, and also in the breadth of expertise of our members.

“We are well established as an international association with an unrivalled level of expertise and experience and we have a strong relationship with a number of international bodies, including the IMO, WCO and UN/CEFACT. IPCSA prides itself in sharing knowledge and experience and we look forward to welcoming representatives of the Port of Algeciras Bay Authority to our working groups and regular conferences and meetings.”

Photo: Algeciras Port, Spain – courtesy of Algeciras Port.

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