Blue sky thinking and thought leadership are expected deliverables from every instalment of London International Shipping Week, and 2023 will be no exception.

Weekly blogs, monthly podcasts as well as quarterly LISW23 webinars are planned and will bring the sharpest brains in the shipping industry together to debate the key issues facing the industry.

Invitations will be extended to key LISW23 Sponsors and Supporting Organisations as well as leaders of the global industry to take part and their deliberations, comments, views and cogitations will be read, listened to, and viewed, by thousands of past and future attendees of LISW via the official LISW23 website and social media.

“This is an exciting development for LISW23 as it will start the debate on the key game changers threatening global shipping way ahead of the start of the week in September next year,” said Sean Moloney, Co-founder of LISW.

“LISW23 is a global must-attend event, but it is different from other shipping weeks in that it revolves around business debate, networking and discussion. These planned blogs, podcasts and webinars will ignite the debate early, and will underline the important role that London and the UK play in international shipping,” he said.

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