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Jan Dieleman

President, Cargill Ocean Transportation
Chair, Global Maritime Forum

Jan Dieleman is the president of Cargill Ocean Transportation and is based in Geneva, Switzerland. He has spent more than 20 years at Cargill and has successfully managed businesses in the U.S. and Europe.

Jan first joined the company in 1999 as a management trainee in Amsterdam. He spent the next 10 years gaining experience as a trading manager in the freight, grain and energy markets, before being appointed head of Cargill’s coal trading business in 2012.

He went on to lead Cargill’s North America power and gas unit in Houston, Texas, before returning to Geneva in 2016 as president of Cargill Ocean Transportation. At the same time, he was invited to join Cargill’s global corporate risk committee.

Across the maritime sector, Jan is a respected advocate for sustainable shipping, actively supporting reduced emissions, better vessel environmental performance, safer working conditions and a more diverse workforce. He is also a board member of the Global Maritime Forum and non-executive board member of RightShip and played a leading role, in October 2020, in launching the Sea Cargo Charter.

Jan graduated from the University of Maastricht with a master’s degree in economics, marketing and organization.

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