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Marianne Økland

Scorpio Tankers and UK Infrastructure Bank (UKIB)

Marianne Økland currently serves on the Board of Directors of Scorpio Tankers and UK Infrastructure Bank (UKIB). The latter is set up by the UK Treasury to provide infrastructure finance to tackle climate change and support regional and local economic growth across the UK.  She is also an independent director on the Professional Welsh Rugby Board responsible for the Welsh national teams and professional regional teams.

Previously she held various board positions including chairing a number of board committees at IDFC Limited, IDFC Alternatives (India), Islandsbanki (Iceland), the National Bank of Greece, NLB (Slovenia) as well as Hermitage Offshore.

Her executive career was spent at JP Morgan and UBS structuring and raising debt capital for some of the most significant mergers and acquisitions in the Nordic area. She also headed the European operations of Marsoft Inc advising banks and large shipping, oil and raw material companies on shipping strategies and investments.

Ms. Økland is a Norwegian national holding a M.Sc. degree in Finance and Economics from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration where she also worked as a researcher and taught mathematics and statistics.

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