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Martin Crawford-Brunt

Council Member
Baltic Exchange

Martin has over 25 years of experience in the maritime supply chain and operational reliability covering technical, regulatory, commercial and leadership roles while developing a rather unique set of experience, skills and perspectives.

As CEO of RightShip, he led their digital transformation program there including being responsible for building a new software platform and the software to provide a traffic light system for vetting called the “Safety Score”. This replaced “RightShip Qi” algorithm and the “Star Rating” system being more useful to ports, owners and charterers.

In addition, he enhanced the RightShip GHG rating (A-G), launched the Maritime Emissions Portal, to track local emissions, and was responsible for delivering the TMSA equivalent for dry bulk called the DryBMS.

Prior to this Martin held a number of senior and strategic roles with DNV at various locations around the world, after entering the industry through a Port Authority.

By combining his varied experience – technical, regulatory, digital, and commercial roles – he brings a rather unique perspective of the maritime landscape and has an ability to simplify and translate.

Martin is also a serving member of the Baltic Exchange Council with a special focus on emissions and wider sustainability drivers.

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