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Masato Otaki

Executive Officer and Head of Low Carbon Fuel Planning Group
JERA Co., Inc

Mr. Masato Otaki is Executive Officer, Head of the Low Carbon Fuel Planning Group, Low Carbon Fuel Value Chain Division of JERA Co., Inc. (JERA)

JERA was created through the consolidation of the fuel and thermal power departments of Tokyo and Chubu Electric Power Company. The company was established with the concurrent aims of creating an energy company capable of competing in the global energy market and providing a stable supply of globally competitive energy.

Masato’s current focus is on the new clean energy value chain development of hydrogen and ammonia as fuel usage. He took a lead the world’s first international competitive tender to procure the clean ammonia as fuel for the purpose to use in fuel substitution projects at existing coal-fired power plants located in Hekinan, Aichi Prefecture.

Masato’s career in energy industry spans over 20 years and he has extensive experience in LNG value chain business including US LNG tolling business, LNG procurement and shipping, and new LNG importing terminal business. At present, he is responsible for developing JERA’s LCF business strategy and comprehensive project management to carry out the plan in compliance with the JERA Zero CO2 Emissions 2050 Roadmap.

Prior to his career in JERA Co., Inc., he spent 5 years in Houston, Texas where he was commercial representative of tolling user at Freeport LNG and worked together with multiple US LNG tollers, gas producers, gas pipeline companies and multiple partners related to shipping arrangement.

Masato graduated with a B.A. from Doshisha University (1998) and M.B.A. from Waseda University (2022).

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