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Robin Mortimer

Maritime UK

Robin joined the Port of London Authority (PLA) as Chief Executive on 31 March 2014. The PLA is responsible for promoting the safe and sustainable use of the tidal River Thames – 95 miles from Teddington to the North Sea. Home to the UK’s second biggest port and the busiest and most diverse inland waterway, the Thames contributes over £6 billion annually to the UK economy and is enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

Prior to joining the PLA, Robin had 20 years experience in the UK civil service working on transport, environment, infrastructure and overseas development. He was Private Secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister following the 1997 General Election and later to the Secretary of State for Transport. He was the lead author of the UK Climate Change Act, which became law in 2007 and as a Director in Defra led the Government’s Adapting to Climate Change programme, oversaw the creation of the Canal & River Trust and directed policy on farming and the environment.

Robin is a Member of the CBI’s London Council. He was appointed Vice Chair of Maritime UK in January 2021.

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