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By Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP
Secretary of State for Transport
On behalf of Her Majesty’s Government, I’m delighted to welcome you back
to the UK and London International ShippingWeek2021.
Whether you are joining us in person or virtually from around the world, welcome, it’s great to have you involved in what promises to be a vibrant and busy week dedicated to mari me. It’s hard to believe that the last event was already two years ago, where so many of us gathered to meet, experience all the week had to o er and network so freely and easily.
Since that event in 2019, globally we have all been a ected by the devasta ng e ects of the Coronavirus pandemic. There hasn’t been a single country that hasn’t felt the e ects on their commercial and social sectors, but as we emerge, we can re ect. The pandemic brought its own challenges: pressure on global supply chains, demand for medicines and equipment, and restric ons on free movement. Rapid and unprecedented changes a ected all of us for a prolonged and challenging period.
But what the pandemic also highlighted was our reliance on mari me trade, our resilience in keeping freight moving and of course, the cri cal work done by our community of global seafarers. I’m proud that the UK was vocal and acted to support seafarers all around
the world, convening a summit last summer where 18 governments came together to agree that seafarers needed to be recognised and supported during this terrible me. LISWreallyhelpscountriestocome together and discuss the big issues which we all face. I hope we are able to  nd some solu ons to common problems this week.
I’m certainly looking forward to mee ng as many people as I can in person a er such a long  me of working remotely and demonstra ng that the UK was, is and always will be, a great place to do mari me business. We have much to be proud of in the UK as
a leading mari me na on. We are driving forward our work to decarbonise the mari me sector, we are promo ng the UK as a key trading partner and we con nue to have the very best professional mari me services on our doorstep. What struck me at LISW19 and what strikes me again in 2021, is the breadth
of events that are planned to take place in just one week. From skills and training, arbitra on and law, environment, technology, ports and infrastructure, and safety and welfare, there really is something for everyone in this fantas c week dedicated to our great mari me sector.
Thank you for joining us in what I am sure will be an insigh ul and enjoyable week and where I hope that you will feel welcome, safe and involved. n
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