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Interna onal Registries (U.K.) Limited
in a lia on with the Marshall Islands Mari me & Corporate Administrators
Youngest and Greenest* Quality Fleet in the World
With steadfast quality and unmatched service we consistently outperform other  ags. Our record speaks for itself. * Source: Clarksons Research’s World Fleet Register
Port State Control Deten on Trends (%)
Marshall Islands Liberia Panama
0.74% 1.11%** 1.03%** 2.32% 3.09% 3.14% 1.52% USCG Tokyo MoU
Paris MoU
4.78% 4.23% 8.03%*** 6.30%*** AMSA
*** Liberia and Panama have exceeded the overall AMSA average deten on rate over the three years from 2018–2020.
** Liberia and Panama are targeted for addi onal port State control (PSC) examina ons by the USCG for having a deten on ra o “between the overall average and up to two  mes the overall average.”
Sources: 2018-2020 Performance Lists Paris MoU, the 2020 Tokyo MoU and USCG PSC Annual Reports, and the 2018-2020 AMSA PSC Annual Reports.

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