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By Robert Courts
Minister for Maritime
As Minister for Maritime, I’m delighted to welcome you to London International Shipping Week 2021.
Since taking up my post 12 months ago, I’ve been amazed just how varied and resilient the mari me sector is. Whilst other transport sectors went
into near dormancy due to the e ects of the pandemic, the mari me world kept on working and even working harder as demand for supplies and services increased all around the world.
I’ve met with and engaged with so many of you since being given the mari me brief. I am excited that we shall soon be able to meet in person and con nue the great rela onships that we have formed in our most di cult  mes. My department has worked  relessly over the last 18 months in response to the challenges that we faced and that hard work has delivered some amazing results. We’ve introduced the Na onal Minimum Wage and supported repatria on e orts for seafarers, we’ve supported lifeline services all around the UK and we have now seen the resump on of interna onal cruising. That’s just a selec on of our achievements in what has been an unprecedented year of change and challenges.
No ma er what area of the mari me sector you represent, I wish to extend my very grateful thanks
for the support and coopera on you have given my department, and the UK as a na on, during what has been an incredibly tough  me. But as we work back to a more normalised way of working, living and socialising, we face new challenges. We’ve been con nuing
our work on Mari me 2050, our benchmark policy launched at the beginning of 2019. A key part of that
policy is our environmental commitments. We con nue to strive towards net zero by 2050 and as we’ve emerged from the pandemic, we’re adap ng some of the commitments made in that policy to align with the Prime Minister’s ten point plan for a green revolu on as we build for the future.
LISW21 will see us showcase the winners of the Clean Mari me Demonstra on Compe  on, a direct result of the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan for a
Green Revolu on and the Chancellor’s pledge of £20 million for green mari me ini a ves. I’m delighted
that the key themes in LISW21 are Governance, Social and Environment. We all have a social responsibility
to take ac on on our environmental impacts and as government, we’re looking to deliver those changes directly by reviewing our legislature to ensure delivery of a cleaner, greener mari me sector.
This is just the  rst event in which the world will
come together in the UK to discuss, debate and deliver solu ons to some of the issues that we all face today. I hope that the discussions we have during LISW will again be echoed at the Global Mari me Forum in October, and again at COP26 in November. The UK will start the conversa ons that need to be had. We will ensure they are crea ve and produc ve so that together, no ma er where you are from or how you are joining us, we can deliver real change. It’s going to be a busy week but one which I am looking forward to immensely and I hope that during the course of the week, you will have the opportunity to see all that the UK has to o er.
Thank you for joining us and I look forward to seeing you throughout the week. n
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