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By Sarah Kenny
Chair of Maritime UK
It is my great pleasure to welcome you to London and to the UK. Following the greatest economic and societal shock in modern times, Maritime UK is delighted to welcome back friends, partners, and new colleagues alike to our global, maritime capital.
I know that many of us have found new and novel ways of remotely working to be surprisingly effective, and we must retain the best of these, but equally, there
has been something missing. As a sector rooted in relationships, there has been a great desire to once again be present with colleagues and partners.
Since we last gathered for LISW in 2019 we have
all faced the most challenging of  mes. But it has also been a  me where society has taken another look at our sector as we con nued to play a cri cal role in keeping communi es supplied with vital resources including food, medicine, and energy. None of which would be possible without our key workers, and in par cular, seafarers; far too many of whom have had to endure completely unacceptable condi ons whilst doing their jobs. We must do be er.
That all of us, regardless of loca on, have had to respond to the shared challenge of the pandemic reminds us that we have much in common, and share
the same single planet. As we work to build back be er, we must recognise that we face the same great challenges and work together to respond to them. Front and centre is the urgent need to decarbonise our economy.
Partnership is what LISW is all about. The fantas c programme of conferences, seminars, recep ons and mee ngs will once again bring together the brightest minds and most senior  gures to ensure that through thought-provoking and robust discussion, we can together achieve more than we do alone.
Much has changed in recent years, but one thing remains constant: the UK will play its part as a truly global, collabora ve mari me centre. Our exper se and capability, embracing cu ng-edge technology, high- quality design and manufacturing, unparalleled exper se in services and major investment opportuni es, means that we o er a complete package for global industry. As we have been for centuries, we are here to partner with you as we navigate an increasingly complex and fast- moving mari me world.
Enjoy LISW and I look forward to seeing you throughout the week. n
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