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By Lord Mountevans
Chairman of the LISW21 Board of Advisors and Chairman of Maritime London
May I begin by wishing you a very warm welcome to this week’s London International Shipping Week, both to those attending in-person and to those joining us virtually.
And it is a special pleasure to be able to welcome you, considering the global challenges we have all faced over the past 19 to 20 months. It has been a di cult  me for us all, remembering especially the important men and women at sea and in our shipping o ces who have kept our ships trading, our goods  owing, as the world went into and out of lockdown. Our seafarers are our key workers. The pandemic has given us all an opportunityto acknowledgethecrucialworktheydo.
Trade is important to all na ons. The many thousands of people who work on the ships, in the ports and throughout the global supply chain, all play a vital role
in keeping our economies moving. The UK is a true mari me na on. But it is not alone in this regard, which is why an event such as London Interna onal Shipping Week is so important. Throughout the various events during this week, many key issues will be debated, not least people, and the social element.
We are all working towards a brighter mari me future. But to achieve this we need everyone to work together. Thatiswhyitissovitalthatwebuildanindustrythatis
a rac ve to the young and talented. It is a truism to say that our young people of today are the industry of the future. We need fully to harness their poten al.
Protec ng the environment is cri cally important and shipping has its own part to play. This week provides the perfect opportunity for shipping to debate and discuss its strategies and plans ahead of the all important COP26 conference due to be held in Glasgow 30 October - 12 November. The shipping industry
is making signi cant progress when it comes to low carbon engines, alterna ve fuels and the u lisa on of smart technology. An important conference like this today, will only serve to focus our a en ons even more.
London Interna onal Shipping Week is focusing sharply on what looks set to be a very bright future. Bri sh companies are leading the world with new technologies that are already helping to create
a greener, safer, more e cient industry; Bri sh universi es and academies are at the forefront with new ideas and world-bea ng research; and Britain’s mari me educa on and training is second to none.
So, while we must never forget the seafarers and those that crew the global shipping  eets, or work in the ports and essen al infrastructure, come rain or shine, we should also celebrate what is so good about this wonderfulindustry. n
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