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By John Hulmes
Chairman of the LISW21 Steering Group
As Chairman of the LISW21 Steering Group, I am delighted to welcome everyone attending LISW21, whether that is in-person or virtually. I cannot disguise the fact that it
has been a challenge planning for and organising LISW21. Who could have imagined when we closed the highly successful LISW19 that we would be faced with a pandemic that has had such a signi cant impact upon all aspects of our lives.
There are so many people and organisa ons that I need to thank for their invaluable contribu ons towards pu ng on LISW21. To all the members
of the LISW21 Steering Group and the numerous Working Groups, a big thank you. A massive thank you to the UK Government and Mari me UK for your steadfast support as well as to the Shipping Innova on team which has worked so  relessly against what has been a very di cult backdrop. And to the sponsors and partners of LISW21; thank you for your con nued engagement at a  me when you could easily have walked away. Finally, thanks to the IMO for your generous support and use of your facili es for the Headline Conference.
The shipping industry has ‘stepped up to the plate’ during the pandemic and has kept trade moving. It has helped keep the supermarket shelves full and the fuel running at the pumps. But the shipping industry recognises that it must con nue to renew and innovate. It recognises the need to a ract new capital investment. But this comes at a cost as the ESG agenda increasingly dominates investment decisions. The themes of the conference week will look to consider the impact of the ESG agenda. The environmental debate will be par cularly per nent with COP26 taking place in Glasgow later in the year.
I hope that you enjoy LISW21 whether you
are a ending in-person or virtually. For most of us LISW21 will be the  rst  me for many months that we have managed to celebrate our great industry in person and to show the world what the UK and London has to o er. The extensive menu of events ranging from the Gala Dinner to a myriad of events organised by Sponsors and Suppor ng Organisa ons promises to show why London is the thought leader for the interna onal shipping industry. n
LISW21 Of cial Event Guide

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