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By Mark Jackson
Chief Executive, Baltic Exchange
London is one of the great maritime hubs. It is the leading centre for the companies and people who keep the world’s ships trading. But in the brave new world of remote working, webinars
and video calls, does location matter anymore? I believe that location does matter and the Baltic Exchange is committed to all the places it has a physical footprint: London, Singapore, Houston, Athens and Shanghai.
We are delighted to support London Interna onal Shipping Week and the opportunity it brings to shine a light on the breadth and depth of the UK’s mari me cluster. Shipbroking, whether chartering vessels, handling sale
& purchase transac ons or broking freight deriva ves is an integral part of this. London and the UK is home to hundreds of crea ve brokers, chartering and trading desks.
Shipbroking has always thrived on personal interac ons, the buzz of the trading  oor and
building a rela onship with clients. This has been harder to achieve since the pandemic, but the past 18 months has accelerated innova on in the sector with investments in digitalisa on, automa on, and e ciencies.
But mari me knowledge workers s ll need to collaborate, share ideas and work closely with clients. Younger and new employees need to be trained and learn about a company’s culture: this is di cult to achieve remotely.
Mari me clusters succeed because they provide access to know-how. When companies are located in close proximity to each other, it is easier to share knowledge and best prac ces or recruit the right people. London Interna onal Shipping Week plays an important role in this collabora on. The week will see mari me professionals from around the world network and learn from each other face-to-face and online.
I wish you a successful week. n
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