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By Jos Standerwick
Chief Executive, Maritime London
The shipping industry is often described as a family. While this may be a slightly halcyon description, there is little doubt that we do like getting together and talking on the issues of the day. To these ends, I cannot wait for the 13 September, to get together with old friends and make some new ones during LISW21.
Of course, this is a transi onal LISW as we are s ll unable to welcome many of our interna onal colleagues. While some may think this is a nega ve, one of the many lessons we have learnt from the pandemic is the power of virtual pla orms and their ability to reach wider audiences. Therefore, while the in-person seminars, dinners and drinks recep ons will be a welcome an dote to the restricted existence we have all lived under, the virtual audience across the world will be able to access events using the very latest online pla orms.
Looking at the quality of the week’s event programme, I have no doubt we will have the most interna onal and diverse par cipa on yet.
Partnership has long been the buzz word when it comes to sor ng the world’s challenges of which shipping has its fair share. But partnership begins with honest, open, and robust dialogue. Whether it be the crew change crisis, and the wider societal responsibili es of the industry, the percep on that governance as become a de ning factor when making commercial decisions, or
the all-consuming decarbonisa on debate, I believe the suite of seminars and conferences taking place during this LISW will change the dial regarding these issues, showcase the strength and depth of the London and UK market,
(and Mari me London members) and lay the founda ons for what will be a crucial 24 months for the global shipping industry. n
LISW21 Of cial Event Guide

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