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By Tim Morris
Chef Executive UK Major Ports Group
OAs the UK’s primary gateways for global trade, major drivers for jobs and prosperity all around the coast, and as critical parts
of the net zero future, the UK’s ports sector is delighted to be part of London
International Shipping Week 2021.
As an island na on the UK relies on mari me trade and the enabling role of our ports for so
much. Nearly half the UK’s food and feed needs
as well as around a quarter of the na on’s energy needs are imported via our ports. 8 out of every
10 vehicles made in the UK are exported via our ports. These vital supply chain hubs have remained resilient through the challenges of the pandemic and Brexit. It is a track record of mee ng customers and consumers requirements that the UK’s compe  ve and diverse ports sector is commi ed to con nuing.
But the UK’s ports are not just places of transit for goods and people. They are centres economic ac vity in their own right – both as providers of
By Richard Ballantyne
Chief Executive British Ports Association
port-centric logis cs and manufacturing solu ons and as catalysts for development in the wider port hinterland. In the UK you have an entrepreneurial ports sector, open and hungry for business.
This broad base of ac vity and strong record of investment – hundreds of millions of pounds of private sector investment each year – creates social as well as economic value. Good jobs. Prosperity in wider communi es and supply chains. A long term commitment to skills and opportunity.
UK ports are commi ed to growing their crucial role in a net zero, more sustainable future. With shipping by far the most emissions- e cient way of moving goods we already
make a major contribu on, and our current contribu on includes great capability to service the o shore green energy revolu on. But we are determined to do more – playing our role as hubs for alterna ve fuels and as custodians for the environment both in the sea and on land. The UK’s ports – resilient, entrepreneurial and sustainable – welcome you to LISW21. n
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