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LISW21 Gala Reception & Dinner
The LISW21 Gala Reception and Dinner will take place on
Thursday 16 September 2021 at the fascinating and truly iconic National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. It will provide one of the most spectacular black-tie events in the global maritime calendar, attracting top-level VIPs from all sectors of government and industry.
Recognised as the largest museum of its kind in the world, comprising the Royal Observatory, Queen’s House and Cutty Sark, the Royal Museums Greenwich will provide a glorious background to
one of the most prestigious events of the week.
Dinner guests will be given special dispensa on to roam some of the museum’s remarkable galleries and view its unique and
truly historic mari me collec ons before si ng down to a gli ering dinner among the 600 highest-level VIPs in shipping and government.
With a huge demand for dinner  ckets and space limited by the dimensions of the room, tables are currently reserved for top-level sponsors and VVIPs. However, a wai ng list for full tables and individual places is now available for this amazing evening. n
The gala recep on will commence from 19:00 with a call to dinner at 19:30. The evening is due to close at 23:30. Please note there will be a cash bar from 22:30 – 23:00. The cash bar will include white wine, beer, champagne and so  drinks and will take either cash or card payments.
Please note the museum galleries will be open exclusively for dinner guests from 17:30 therefore please feel free to arrive early and enjoy touring the Na onal Mari me Museum as a private space prior to the Champagne Recep on commencing at 19:00.
The LISW21 Gala Recep on and Dinner has a private entrance to the museum via the Sammy O er Wing entrance at the Park Side of the museum. Full travel and loca on informa on can be found in the adjoining instruc ons.
Please note dinner  ckets will not be issued. Hostesses will greet guests on arrival, collect names and provide a guest list and sea ng plan. Sea ng plans will also be available on boards inside the Recep on.
Black Tie, Na onal Dress or Military Equivalent
There will be a LISW21 WiFi network available. The WiFi code and password for use at the Na onal Mari me Museum are as follows:
Username:RMG-Events | Password:3V3ntwireless
LISW21 Of cial Event Guide

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