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Society of Maritime Industries
The Society of Maritime Industries (SMI) is the voice of the UK’s maritime engineering and business sector promoting and supporting companies which design, build, re t and modernise ships, and supply equipment and services for all types of commercial and naval ships, ports and terminals infrastructure, offshore oil and gas, maritime security and safety, marine science and technology, maritime autonomous systems and marine renewable energy.
The United Kingdom Major Ports Group (UKMPG) is the trade association representing most of the larger commercial ports in the United Kingdom.
UK Chamber of Shipping
The UK Chamber of Shipping is the trade association and voice for the UK shipping industry, with around 140 members from across the maritime sector.
Shipping Innovation
Shipping Innovation Limited is an independent joint venture company that brings together two of the most creative, energetic and well-connected media companies in the maritime, transport and energy industries, Elaborate Communications Ltd and Petrospot Ltd.
The Department for International Trade
Secretary of State
for Scotland
Department for Transport
Royal Navy
Maritime and Coastguard Agency
Scottish Government
The UK Ship Register Welsh Government
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