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As a London-headquartered organisation and the world leader in global, mobile satellite communications, Inmarsat is delighted to present its ORCHESTRA network of the future as part of its commitment to LISW21
Inmarsat has been a strong supporter of London International Shipping Week since its inception and our Diamond Sponsor commitment to the event remains unchanged. However, LISW21 takes place at a key moment for shipping and - with the unveiling of its ORCHESTRA communications network for the future - for Inmarsat. The impact of COVID-19 continues to resonate throughout the maritime and offshore sectors, and its consequences for the business of shipping have included a profound shift in attitudes towards ship-to-shore connectivity.
With restrictions on crew travel, testing, vaccination and certi cation very much live issues, Inmarsat’s LISW21 agenda for a series of live/virtual sessions on 13-14 September is headed by seafarer welfare in the digital age and the bene ts brought by wi-  connectivity. Day 1 will be opened by Andrew Wright, Secretary General, The Mission to Seafarers. A separate session will focus on the Inmarsat-sponsored Welfare 2.0 Research Report, with Nick Chubb, Thetius, documenting the impact of technology on the health, well-being and safety of crew on board.
Shipping’s operational transformation will be the focus of Day 2, and especially the use of disruptive technologies for ship management. Once again, new Inmarsat-backed research will be presented, while the day also includes an autonomous ship session, a Smart Maritime Network shipowner panel and keynote from world-leading futurist, Gerd Leonhard who returns for his third appearance to deliver his latest insights into disruptive thinking.
As further maritime digitalisation is desirable, its foundations will rest on reliable and accessible satellite services, and on  nancially robust partners capable of sustained strategic investments. For Inmarsat, LISW21 comes at a key moment, coinciding with the launch of ORCHESTRA – its mission to enable ground-breaking services for its global mobility customers. ORCHESTRA will be the  rst-of-its-kind network to integrate geosynchronous (GEO) satellites with low earth orbit satellites (LEO) and terrestrial 5G into a seamless, high-performance network. Greater than the sum of its parts, the combination will eliminate ‘hot spot’ challenges by boosting capacity in high-density areas such as ports. ORCHESTRA also creates new potential for close-shore smart navigation, next-generation emergency safety services and autonomous vessels.
ORCHESTRA’s ‘dynamic mesh’ technology will also allow individual customer terminals to direct traf c to/from other customer terminals, meaning that a ship within range of 5G can route capacity to vessels beyond terrestrial reach.
One key component of ORCHESTRA worthy of separate attention is ELERA – devised to build on Inmarsat’s global leadership in L-band satellite services. ELERA will use ‘Carrier Aggregation’ spectrum management to deliver L-band reliability and availability at an unparalleled 1.7Mbps. This is much faster than any other worldwide L-band networks, while ELERA will also bene t from the market’s smallest footprint, low cost L-band terminal.
Two of Inmarsat’s scheduled ‘I-6’ GEO satellite launches are assigned to enhance the ELERA network, with the  rst scheduled to launch this year. Both deliver 50% more capacity per beam than Inmarsat’s 4th generation satellites. ELERA recon rms Inmarsat’s long-term commitment to L-band services as integral to its vision for the maritime IoT, new generation maritime safety services and mission critical connectivity. Clearly, Inmarsat welcomes visitors to its home city and LISW21 at a signi cant moment in its investment plans for the maritime and offshore sectors. In Inmarsat’s view, it is an ideal opportunity to stay connected.
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