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Platinum Sponsors
Lloyd’s Register
Lloyd’s Register is a global professional services organisation specialising in engineering and technology solutions. We’re proud to be a platinum sponsor of London International Shipping Week - at the heart of the biggest conversations in maritime around decarbonisation and digitalisation as the conference looks at driving growth and recovery in a disrupted world. LR was created more than 260 years ago as the world’s  rst marine classi cation society, to improve the safety of ships. Today, we operate globally providing compliance, assurance and performance solutions to help keep the world moving safely, ef ciently and sustainably. Our experts advise and support our clients to improve the safety and performance of complex projects, supply chains and critical infrastructure.
Our Maritime business is a leading provider of classi cation, compliance and consultancy services to the marine and offshore industries, helping clients design, construct and operate their assets to the highest levels of safety and performance. We are expanding our portfolio of risk and advisory, commercial ef ciency, vessel performance and voyage optimisation services to unlock and drive growth for our clients while also investing in the launch, build and scale of forward-looking maritime digital solutions, expanding our suite of products and services including Cloud Fleet Manager and i4 Insight. We are wholly owned by Lloyd’s Register Foundation, an independent global charity that supports research, innovation, and education to make the world a safer place. The Foundation focuses on the most pressing global safety challenges, establishing the best evidence andinsighttobetterunderstandthecomplexfactorsthataffectsafety,whilebuildingpartnershipsforchange. Togetherwe stand by our purpose that drives us every single day; working together for a safer world
UK Ship Register (Maritime & Coastguard Agency)
London International Shipping Week is a highlight event for the UK Flag. The UK Ship Register (UKSR) is a signi cant part of the UK maritime offer and the involvement of UKSR facilitates an important focus on maritime growth during the week-long LISW21. The week gives the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the many  scal advantages, world class expertise and personalised service the UK Flag has to offer.
The UK Ship Register offers effortless international ship registration, wide ranging integrated services and 24/hour support, along with world class surveyors as part of the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency. The Red Ensign is recognised globally for the maintenance of high standards, maritime safety and the welfare of seafarers. UK Ship Register customers receive greater asset assurance and access to the best talent in the industry.
The UK  ag gives operators and owners access to unrivalled maritime knowledge and experience, tailored to
their commercial requirements. Customers receive a personalised round-the-clock service, with bene ts and fee packages to suit individual needs. The UK Flag is at the forefront of the maritime industry and committed to constantly improving its offer and responding to the needs of the shipping industry.
LISW21 Of cial Event Guide

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