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HFW was founded in 1883 by the Holman shipowning and shipbuilding family to support its shipping, trading and insurance businesses. Since then we have expanded globally, becoming the largest shipping practice in the world with over 200 lawyers and master mariners operating across the Americas, Europe the Middle East and Asia Paci c. Our admiralty and crisis management group is the largest in the world with over 35 experienced casualty response lawyers and ex- mariners providing a seamless, ef cient and comprehensive service. Our physical presence around the world enables us to mobilise quickly and ef ciently in response to any crisis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, practically anywhere in the world. A trusted advisor to assist our clients whenever and wherever they need us.
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HM Government of Gibraltar / Gibraltar Port Authority / Gibraltar Maritime Administration
The LISW21 Headline Conference on Wednesday 15 September will be followed by a stunning early evening reception on the rooftop terrace at the London headquarters of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), hosted by the Government and key maritime authorities of Gibraltar. The Gibraltar ship and yacht registries were established in 1997, and are administered by the Gibraltar Maritime Administration (GMA). Gibraltar is a Category One Red ensign register and is listed within the ‘Paris MoU’ and ‘Tokyo MoU’ white lists on Port State Control and also quali es under the United StatesCoastguard‘Qualship21’programme. Gibraltaroffersacredible,prestigiousanduserfriendlyregister,basedona well-established legal system based on English law and which operates in a low tax environment serviced by very skilled and experienced professionals. These bene ts are accessible to owners from around the globe.
The Gibraltar Port Authority’s strategy is to build on Gibraltar’s unique geographical position – at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean and Europe and Africa – and  scal status to provide a vital link between all stakeholders, to ensure a cohesive strategy aimed at achieving common goals in developing and improving the competitiveness and safe operation of the Port of Gibraltar. In a joint statement ahead of LISW, Vijay Daryanani MP, Gibraltar’s Minister for Business, Tourism and the Port, Dylan Cocklan, Acting Maritime Administrator at the Gibraltar Maritime Administration, and John Ghio, Acting Captain of the Port and CEO of the Gibraltar Port Authority, said:
“As Gibraltar is a proud a member of the Red Ensign Group of British Registers, HM Government of Gibraltar, the Gibraltar Maritime Administration and the Gibraltar Port Authority are all delighted to be supporting London International Shipping Week by hosting this grand  nale to the LSW21 Headline Conference.” All registered delegates to the LISW21 Headline Conference – including speakers and VIP guests from the global shipping industry and government, and permanent representatives to the IMO – will be invited to the Gibraltar reception
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