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Burgoyne & Partners
Burgoynes is an international partnership of scientists and engineers specialising in the investigation of  res, explosions, mechanical and material failures and cargo incidents. We can be relied upon to provide sound and appropriate technical advice both on live issues and in subsequent investigations and legal proceedings. Serving the marine industry for over 50 years from strategically placed global of ces, we ensure a prompt response to incidents whenever or wherever they occur.
Northern Marine Group
At Northern Marine Group we deliver a comprehensive range of Ship Management and Marine Services.
We provide the full spectrum of Ship and Offshore Management and wide-ranging service solutions in Training, Travel Management, Marine Supply, Ship Agency, Marine Engineering and Offshore Catering.
Headquartered in Glasgow, our global of ce network is strategically located across major shipping or crewing hubs. We are proud subsidiary of Stena AB.
Stephenson Harwood
Our world-leading marine and commodities law practice offers a wide range of services to clients across the entire shipping value chain.
We advise and guide on all matters from initial green  nancing, construction, insurance, operations (including carriage of cargo and charterparties) and repairs, to sale, purchase, disposal and scrapping.
We can support you in every kind of dispute, including casualties both as they happen and the aftermath.
Intellian Technologies
The recognized leader in maritime satellite communication, Intellian is the trusted provider of worldwide connectivity solutions for VSAT and satellite TV systems, using state- of-the-art RF antenna technology. Expanding into the next phase of continuous connectivity, Intellian is empowering satellite communication around the globe to provide access at any time, anywhere, on land, in the air, and at sea.
Ocean Technologies Group
Ocean Technologies Group is a global learning and technology company empowering its customers to meet the challenges of shipping in the digital age.
Built on historic maritime brands COEX, Marlins, MTS, Seagull, Tero Marine and Videotel with over 60 years’ collective experience of helping customers achieve the highest standards of safety and operational excellence.
UK Hydrographic Of ce (UKHO)
The UK Hydrographic Of ce (UKHO) is a world-leading centre for hydrography, specialising in marine geospatial data to support safe, secure and thriving oceans.
We make this data available through our portfolio of ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions to support safe navigation and help users make best use of the marine environment.
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