LISW21 Themes

LISW21 Themes

Driving growth and recovery in a disrupted world





International Trade



Drawing on the ethos of ‘Propelling World Trade’, the overarching theme of LISW21 will be ‘Driving growth and recovery in a disrupted world’.


As shipping heads out to new horizons, much of the regulatory, legal and safety framework that underpins it will have to be revised or written anew. But who will set the new targets and how will they be measured and financed?

As the industry looks towards COP26, what role will climate-aligned finance, big data, market-based measures, policy, and technology play in creating a sustainable, carbon-free, economically viable future and what opportunities will be offered to first movers in the UK and internationally?


COVID-19 highlighted the critical nature of shipping and our crew in the global supply chain. The failings in addressing the crewing crisis, as well as the importance of businesses being agile and flexible, are key lessons for the future.

Changing cultural, demographic and wealth trends are increasingly affecting the way global trade operates. These are going to be key drivers in determining growth and recovery in the markets ahead.

Out of the ashes rises the phoenix – in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic innovation could provide answers to many of the social challenges facing all industries, including shipping.


Is transparency the new imperative for shipping? Without it, will investors and financiers fund the innovation shipping needs to implement the environmental and social changes demanded, or will investors look elsewhere? Who is the arbiter of ‘better governance’ and when will poor governance no longer be accepted?

Investors and financial institutions are held, more and more, to the highest governance standards and regulation shows no sign of abating. These standards impact investment decisions for financiers and regulation such as the EU Taxonomy will require broader reporting on ESG criteria.

Does shipping have the ability to adapt and deliver the governance standards required to attract the continued investment needed in a competitive and complex environment? Or will regulation need to drive the change?

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