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Tim Wilkins

Environment Director

Tim Wilkins manages INTERTANKO’s environmental strategic work plan items and has oversight for the Association’s activities in Asia and Europe.

As Environment Director, Tim has been responsible for coordinating and managing INTERTANKO’s global environmental agenda for over 22 years. His expertise in this area derives from his Honours Degree in Marine Biology as well as a post graduate Masters in Marine Resource Management. He heads up INTERTANKO’s strategy and projects on key tanker industry issues including ballast water management, waste management, antifouling, biofouling and ship recycling. As Secretary to INTERTANKO’s Environment Committee he is tasked with representing the tanker industry in its liaison with environmental organisations, national governmental organisations and international organisations such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

As Deputy Managing Director, Tim works with the Managing Director on both external strategic affairs as well as internal corporate administration. He acts as Coordinator for INTERTANKO’s European activities by maintaining oversight for legislative initiates generated within the European Union. In so doing, he also acts as Secretary to INTERTANKO’s European Panel.

Tim joined INTERTANKO in early 1999, where he gained considerable technical and political experience representing the tanker industry at the IMO and within the EU in Brussels. He has held a wide range of positions within the Association including Regional Manager for Greece, Italy and Cyprus; Secretary to INTERTANKO’s Executive Committee; and, Secretary to INTERTANKO’s Hellenic Mediterranean Panel.

Tim is currently based in London having spent 13 years in INTERTANKO’s branch office in Singapore.


Latest news


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