Terms and Conditions

LISW25 Sponsorship Terms & Conditions

The Parties involved
Effective Date
The Event
Rights of the Sponsor

Shipping Innovation grants the following non-exclusive rights, licences and opportunities to the Sponsor on the terms of this Agreement:

Naming, signage and other promotional/branding rights

• The right to have the Sponsor’s logo displayed in the LISW25 (hereafter referred to as the ‘Event’) Event materials (as applicable).

• Accreditation for the Sponsor as sponsor of the Event by way of display of the Sponsor’s logo (or other the Sponsor Marks) on the following Event materials: website, marketing materials and event guides.

• Acknowledgement of the Sponsor as the sponsor of the Event in press releases made by Shipping Innovation relating to the Event (as applicable). Shipping Innovation shall consult with the Sponsor as to the contents of press and publicity materials relating to the Event and shall offer the opportunity to the Sponsor to address such press briefings as the parties shall agree.

• The opportunity to co-host such promotional or social events and to consult with Shipping Innovation as to the invitation list.

• Written acknowledgement of the support of the Event by the Sponsor in marketing materials, event guides, and website.

• The right and licence throughout the Term to use the title “SPONSOR OF LONDON INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING WEEK 2025”.

• The right to identification of the Sponsor (space permitting) on display screens, advertising hoardings, perimeter boards, promotional banners, the positioning and dimensions of such identification or display to be agreed in writing with Shipping Innovation.

• Subject to available space, all applicable regulations, and any contractual restrictions relating to the same, the right to conduct promotions at the Event.

Internet Rights

• Shipping Innovation shall provide or facilitate the provision of:

– a reciprocal hyper-text link between the Sponsor website and the Shipping Innovation’s website (www.londoninternationalshippingweek.com).

– the Sponsor’s logo to appear on the event website in a prominent position as agreed beforehand.

• The Sponsor and Shipping Innovation shall work together in good faith to provide co-branded features for the Sponsor website, Shipping Innovation’s website and the official/event website as relevant.

Sponsor’s Marks: The Sponsor’s logo and brief write up will be available on the LISW25 website. It will be included in all relevant marketing material.
Relevant Sponsor’s Marks and logos will be provided by the Sponsor, including any brand guidelines that need to be adhered to.